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봉사체험수기 My story~~
2013-10-24 21:30:22
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In the summer of 2010, I signed up for the volunteering project in the Philippines simply because my friend signed up for the project. I just wanted to follow him and have fun rather than studying for the entire summer vacation. I thought the project was quite simple and to be honest, I thought I could go on an oversea tour for several days. But things were much different than what I have imagined. We had to draw wall paintings on a huge wall, dig a well for the townspeople, hold a festival and even build a classroom, and all these tasks had to be finished in 9 days. We were short on time, the weather was extremely humid and hot, jobs were physically demanding. After finishing these backbreaking tasks, I lost 8kg only in ten days. However, I still do not regret going to the Philippines and even look forward to visiting Philippines again as a member of a volunteering team.

 The pure smiles on the villager’s faces are still vivid in my memory and I can feel the strong bond between me and my team at this very moment. This experience had a strong influence on my way of living and made me the member of the CVT.

CVT is a shortened word for Clay animation Volunteering Team. This year I became the leader of the CVT. CVT educates little children mostly from a poor family, how to make clay animations. The process of making a clay animation is quite complicated.

First, a storyboard for the animation should be made.

Second, according to the storyboard, background scenes and clay models are needed.

Next, a photo of a clay model should be taken while slightly moving the model inch by inch until the final scene.

Finally, by using a computer program, this millions of photos are processed into a movie by replacing the picture in a fast speed. Except the process of using the computer to make hundreds of photos into a movie, the children do every process on their own. The process of making a clay animation requires a lot of time and effort. Being encouraged to make a clay animation on their own, children can learn the virtue of patience and independence.